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  1. I have just visited your Web Site (and your children's home pages) and must say I am very impressed. I have to admit, when I first saw the "Visit our Web Site" on the prescriptions counterfoil, I really didn't know what to expect (no offence meant). I am amazed at the wealth of information you have put together and the many Links (too numerous for me to check out at this late hour!). I will visit the Site again, as I can't resist looking up various drug-names, ailments, diseases etc., (you know, to see "what I am REALLY suffering from").
  2. I am very impressed by your web pages. I passed by them a few days ago and saw the nice photo and didn't look further - my experience is that sites that look nice don't carry much content below. On further examination today I came across what can only be described as a fantastic source of information. We are a Meditel System 5 site - and your Meditel protocols are fantastic - we are currently putting together the same information for internal use and your information has hit the mark!
  3. Your site has been approved and added to the Med 411 Database.
  4. Your site was mentioned as a good example in this months Institute of Health Service Management periodical - saying how primary care / GP is leading the way in use of internet in the NHS.
  5. What a wonderful site!! We are a PHCT in the S Wales Valleys. Are we able to use your patient information pages? I had thought of giving our patients 'kitemarked' addresses to access. Yours is definitely top of the list.
  6. I saw your website at a trainers conference in Cumberland lodge and was very impressed. Our practice in East Grinstead would be interested in doing a similar project for our patients and use the internet as a means of communication.
  7. Very impressed with your site.
  8. We are currently constructing a website for our Programme but we are not as ambitious as what you have achieved  - congratulations.
  9. Very impressed with the web page.
  10. I visited your redesigned web site. Much easier to use. Well done.
  11. Congratulations on a truly magnificent practice website. I'm a GP in Ipswich and one of the local Course Organisers. I've been very interested in IT and education for about 4 years now and can appreciate the enormous effort involved in producing something of the extent and quality of your project.
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed your site, I work as a GP in the black country. Visited Berwick for the first time this June. Seeing the photo brought back fond memories.
  13. I would like to congratulate you on your excellent web site.
  14. I may have said this before, but I keep coming back to your web pages - for all sorts of info. Thanks.
  15. I look forward to seeing my name in print on your site, which by the way, is excellent.
  16. Very nice. Interestingly, if you click on the water, it stops!!
  17. It's your site he is in raptures about - I told him to have a look!
  18. I have just discovered your website which I think is brilliant and has filled me with enthusiasm all weekend!
  19. Brilliant ..a gold star. Learned a lot from your site.
  20. Thank you for the use of your site for demo purposes to South Thames trainers. We enjoyed the moving waters as well as the tutorials!
  21. I am browsing web sites gaining ideas for my own surgery website and I have just come across yours. Truly amazing!
  22. The site is absolutely amazing!
  23. Just dropped by. V impressive site.
  24. The Division of Graduate Studies and Lifelong Learning of Western University of Health Sciences wishes to obtain permission to use selected images currently used in Well Close Square website.
  25. Just to say thank-you for a great site to look at. Its about time I ran across a really good UK GP site. The notes & www sites are very handy.
  26. Extremely valuable site. I have found it most useful. Thanks.
  27. A very exciting and interesting site.
  28. This is an exceptionally neat site. I love it!!
  29. Thank you for being here.
  30. I liked your site, especially the links to patient advice leaflets, and the North Northumberland Trainer Group IT course.
  31. I plan to do an offline demonstration of your site, all acknowledgments will be made. Good luck and please keep me informed of your news.
  32. I have enjoyed looking at your web site including the picture of the Tweed - I was brought up in Berwick and my parents and grandmother are still patients of your practice!
  33. I have happily spent a quiet few hours (well almost) on your web site:-)
  34. have enjoyed looking at your Web site and was interested to see that yours is one of the first practices to put its Web site on the NHS Net.  It was a pleasure to read, and very well constructed.
  35. All my colleagues have now seen your site - 7 of my GPs , a Prof from the University, people at the National Prescribing Centre (Jonathan Underhill, the Editor of MeReC is big time impressed too) the Medical Director of our HA and the list goes on...
  36. Right now that that is out of the way may I say how totally, completely and utterly impressed I am with your wcsquare website!!!
  37. Our Island Health web site seems basic by comparison to yours - it's fantastic.
  38. Like your site... bloody good gold standard practice website !!
  39. Just to echo all those comments re your site. Well done.
  40. I am a GP in Lincolnshire. We put up our first website about four years ago, and have recently been revamping it in the light of advertising for a replacement partner.   In the process, we re visited a lot of the bookmarks on our system, and as always were very impressed with your site.   We are particularly impressed with your Doctors/Patients rights/responsibilities part.
  41. What a stunning Practice Web-Page! Congratulations. I am trying to set up my own practice web-page and enjoyed reviewing yours - thank-you!
  42. I found your marvelous site on the internet and put it on the overview of GP's on the internet on my site.
  43. It is a GP practice in Berwick and is EXTREMELY good!!! Certainly worth look at if guidelines and protocols are your thing!!!, as well as ideas for GP education-type things.
  44. I have long admired your site and found your training section very helpful.
  45. >I thought I would check out your site again and was very impressed.  That photo is fabulous and hautingly beautiful. 
  46. Surfing through WCS website was great. I was greatly impressed with quality of information, but knowing you so well, I could not  have expected anything less.
  47. Your site has been inspirational to me in developing our own web site, and has made the difference to me getting on with the job of producing a web site for the practice.
  48. I've been pointing various PCG and HA types to your webpages as an example of what PCG/Practice Intranets could offer. A couple of local PCGs have already decided to go ahead with intranets (My contacts were all for distributed word files till they looked at wcsquare then a sudden change of heart).
  49. I thought I would check out your site again and was very impressed.  That photo is fabulous and hauntingly beautiful. 
  50. Just had to mail you to say how very impressed I am with the Web site. Don't know when you can possibly sleep. I am extremely impressed (but also deeply depressed about our practice, my time management & my abilities as a Trainer. Thanks mate !!   :-)
  51. I've just been having a quick browse round your web site. Just like everyone else seems to think, I think it is very impressive.
  52. What a great website thanks very much I'm a prospective trainer and have found lots of useful things on your site especially your training plan.
  53. Had a very long look at your superb web-site yesterday,\par and hope to emulate much of you stuff sometime (oh for more time!)
  54. I have downloaded Macro Express which seem excellent! However it pales into insignificance having looked at your web site!!
  55. ... In particular the teaching tutorials and patient info leaflets have been valuable.
  56. Love your opening graphic!!! - how did you do that?!
  57. I return to your website from time to time. Each time you have added more and more. Well done, if only we could all be like you??
  58. I am totally gob-smacked by your web site which must represent untold hours of work. It seems to have incorporated all the ideas which are swirling around in my head plus lots more I have not even thought about. You have my deepest admiration.
  59. I am very envious of your practice website and all the hard work you have put into various aspects of the S6000 hints and tips.
  60. Congratulations on your excellent practice website.
  61. Just a quick Email to say how much I was impressed by the quality and content of your web site. I can appreciate the amount of time you and your colleagues have put into the project.  It is a source of inspiration (and now much perspiration) for others looking to do the same for Local Health Care Co-operatives (LHCC's).
  62. BRILLIANT!!   I am a relatively new Trainer here in Devon and am developing my resources etc.. Sorry to say I will be heavily plagiarising  yours!!
  63. I often check out the Well Close Square web site and think it's fab!
  64. This web site is a real eye opener. I am deeply depressed and wish I could do something similar.
  65. I have just visited your extremely impressive website. I was particularly struck by the educational content.
  66. I am fascinated to read about your GP training programme.
  67. I came across the Well Close Square Surgery web site and was impressed with both its comprehensive content and clear layout. 
  68. It's been a while since I checked out your site. Very impressed. Like the water a lot.
  69. I admired your site for ease of navigation and for the amount of detailed advice and information published.
  70. This is by far the best practice web site I have seen.
  71. I run a portal to UK health/medical info. I included it in my "idiots guide to the internet" for postgrad pharmacists. Trouble is, every time I go in the Staff Room, I end up in Well Close Square surgery! Nice pic of the Tweed though Bradley.
  72. I am very, very impressed with your web site.
  73. Have been playing with hooks and sophies this afternoon. (many thanks to Well Close Square yet again for providing the documentation).
  74. By the way, I must commend you on your System 6000 web site which you announced recently to GP-UK. It looks really good!!
  75. We're thinking about creating our own practice web site, and were very impressed by yours.
  76. An impressive Website you have there.
  77. Very impressive!! It is easily the best GP practice site I have visited, and I have been visiting a few prior to embarking on one myself.
  78. It contains a wealth of information.
  79. Still not as good as the one on Well Close Square.
  80. I recently discovered your practice web-site whilst running a search for information on warfarin. I have to say that it is the best web-site I have ever seen. It makes our own attempts at designing a practice intranet (little more than a telephone directory) look utterly feeble by comparison! The site looked good, worked quickly, had an astonishing depth of information readily accessible. I felt like a child in Disneyland.  You have developed a magnificent resource - which unlike so many computer tools - can really make a difference to the quality of care you can give.  At a time of reported low morale in Primary Care it was a delight to find your unexpected jewel - clearly there is still skill, innovation & enthusiasm out there. Congratulations to you & your team.
  81. I am very impressed with your site. Are there national plans to roll it out else where?
  82. Congratulation for your site.
  83.  I recommend trying some of the macros from his site.
  84. What a superb website! Congratulations.
  85. First of all, may I compliment you on your site. The opening image is very impressive and must have taken some time to create.
  86. I was very impressed by your practice web site, thoughts on FBA and the information on the use of macros with System 6000. I discovered your site via your article in Torus. Thanks for all the information.
  87. Hallo - Tom Kennedy of Langholm showed me your site, which is excellent. Congratulations, and best wishes. Roger Neighbour.
  88. Firstly, my congratulations on your excellent website...
  89. Yes, after reading Ian's latest I was simply going to suggest bunging it all on the Intranet, as Brad has done so well already.
  90. In which case - have a look at
  91. I was just mooching around GP-UK and decided to look at the job advert you posted. The web site is terrific so will take the liberty of suggesting that the bods doing ours take a look.
  92. Having found your website extremely useful I'd like to have the content on CDROM. Could you send us two copies? Thanks - and for all the hard work!
  93. Q: Has anyone an off the shelf audit for quality of care in epileptic patients - be grateful if anyone can help.
    A: Well Close Square (comprehensive GP oriented) extremely comprehensive and probably exactly what you're looking for, but then you'd expect that from Bradley ;-)
  94. Thanks Bradley - have just been to your (superb) site again -and looked at the report you have their - I will have a tinker this afternoon to see if I can make it work. Cheers :)
  95. Our practice is currently starting out on the intranet route and we have found your website really useful and inspiring.
  96. I have recently discovered the Well Close Square surgery website and I have been very impressed in particular by the patient advice leaflets in mental health and the pdf documents. I work in NHS psychological services in Nottinghamshire and I feel that the leaflets would be excellent as a resource for my patients.
  97. And thanks for your website once again. I found it very helpful when doing the MRCGP last year.
  98. I am particularly interested in your approach to GP training to include mission statement and detailed learning outcomes - might adapt some for Practice Nurse Training :-)
  99. I visited your redesigned web site. Much easier to use. Well done.
  100. Very impressed with your site.
  1. Just dropped by. V impressive site. But where's the chiropodist? (aka the podiatrist).
  2. I just discovered your fantastic website by accident yesterday. Unless I am mistaken I remember you from Exeter group leadership courses. I am delighted to discover that you are still such an enthusiast about General Practice !! I am still dividing my time between GP training (1.5 days) and practice (3.5 days) each week.I am director of the North Eastern Regional Training Programme in General Practice (Republic of Ireland) and your site will be of great interest to me both for paractice and training purposes. I intend to provide you with comment and feedback when I have had an opportunity to use some of the mateial. We are currently constructing a website for our Programme but we are not as ambitious as what you have achieved  - congratulations.
  3. I am a "new" GP Trainer. An absolutely fantastic site, you have obviously put a great amount of work into it, well done.
  4. We actually use Well Close Square as a substitute for a practice Intranet, pending my investing time on creating an equally good set of info. sheets! It's our no.1 access point for training info, slightly more used than Finally, our registrar has it booked for his first point of info access. Well done Bradley!
  5. Congratulations on your website, I have just used it to renew a prescription. Great to encounter folk who are sufficiently alive to poke their heads out of "Ivory towers". Priv to be a patient.
  6. I was very interested to see your very comprehensive practice site (brilliant) and your recent article re. intranets in the Torex magazine. I am about to set up our own practice intranet so found the content very relevant!
  7. I like your website and as a rural GP in West Wales often direct registrars to look at it.
  8. Sophies: I wouldn't bother. Unless you have the sort of brain that likes this kind of thing it takes ages, they don't run properly and your partners won't use them. Much better to pinch them from clever people like RT-J or Brad Cheek!
  9. If you but knew how many people I recommend to your website...
  10. ...first of all I wish to congratulate u on a wonderful practice website.. I have not found any other to compare !!
  11. Very impressed.
  12. Have watched with awe the development of your web site!
  13. Congratulations on an excellent website!
  14. Congratulations on your QPA - you did cause consternation by submitting an e-version. Most impressed by your website.
  15. We are all very impressed by both the style and content of your website. We are hoping to develop something similar here in Manchester and I am interested at both a practice and PCT level in the work you have done.
  16. I've just come across your website and I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all the work on the rheumatology education resource.
  17. I found your site through the Torus article. I'm writing an assignment today on "Setting up an Intranet". I wish I could cut and paste your whole site! It is an inspiration to all. My day has improved no end since finding your work. I hope yours goes well too.
  18. Hi I'm a GP trainer in Devon & love your web site- trying to design my own intranet at the moment so its v. useful to see what you've done.
  19. Congratulations on an interesting and informative site.
  20. What an impressive site!
  21. You will not be surprised to learn that we find your website superb and a valuable source of information.
  22. Brilliant site and information, whenever I'm having a problem I always look on your site 1st, for inspiration. Keep up the good work.
  23. We have found your website exceptionally useful. Congratulations on such excellent work. In particular it has been very helpful to see your Sophies and use them as we try to set up Sophies to match our own protocols.
  24. Awesome! I am a trainer who has recently put down my stone tablets and hit the net with trepidation. What a lot of work you've all done.
  25. I am absolutely amazed at your superb web site. It is not only user friendly, but the contents varied and excellent.
  26. I am very impressed with your site.
  27. Congratulations on your web site & all the info it contains, it is very impressive.
  28. The site is excellent - I work predominantly in diabetes and chd management and going through your protocols is real good food for thought - thanks for all your work and allowing others to access the same.
  29.  I was searching the web for useful websites and was impressed by your practice site (which I see is award winning!).
  30. Very nice website. Very helpful and educative for trainees and trainers.
  31. ....As a start I would recommend that all training practices have, wherever possible, the following IT sites available to registrars.
    1.http:///, this is Brad Cheek's website which regularly wins the prize for the best general practice website in the country. It contains innumerable links to journals, other professional bodies, Medline and other academic sites. It contains material suitable for training purposes and is regularly updated by Brad.
  32. By the way your web page is super, quite inspired with many helpful hints.
  33. I am a gp trainer in Belfast and have just discovered your web-site!I feel I need never prepare any tutorial,spread-sheet etc. again!I am finding it very helpful, thank you for an endlessly interesting site!
  34. Many thanks for making the sophies, macros and templates that you use at the practice available for download. Lesser mortals like myself find that using the work done by you allows us to build on your work and modify for use in our synergy system.
  35. My sincere complements on the excellence of the site. It is very impressive. I am a trainer in the Oxford region and have always thought highly of the "Aylesbury Toolbox" that was developed in these parts. However, I believe that your site is in a different category of resource altogether. I will be referring to it as an important aid to my teaching and have recommended to my registrar group.
  36. As a trainer just north of the Border I have been a frequent visitor to your website over the past few years and much appreciate your willingness to share your educational materials with others.
  37. I still receive the BJGP here, albeit a little
    belatedly. I was interested in your article of
    November 2001. I have just visited your website and am very impressed. I think it is done very
    professionally. I didn't realise that so many
    practices now have a website - I'm a little out of
    date. I think it's always good for patients to have
    access to information and it's a useful site for
    people like me who want to keep in touch with British
    primary care. So good luck, I think it's worth the
    hard work.
  38. Thanks to Bradley and others for inspiration to use Macro Express. It is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to Bradleys clear guidelines from his website I was very quickly able to create macros for the data entry of flu vaccinations which will save time considerably.
  39. I would like to request permission to use the information from your site as I feel this is easy for patients to understand. I would also like to say that your site is well designed and easy to navigate.
  40. As a trainer just north of the Border I have been a frequent visitor to your website over the past few years and much appreciate your willingness to share your educational materials with others. I have been presented with the challenge and opportunity to resurrect a local trainers workshop after the centralisation of modular teaching by our Region led to the demise of such a group. Today is my first morning in this part time course organiser post and I have been surfing the North Northumberland Trainers Group webpages and again marvel at the achievements of such an enthusiastic group of trainers.
  41. An excellent site - well done!
  42. wellclosesquare site is fantastic resource. A google search for fev1% came up with your site (worldwide, filters off) as number 3 on the picking list. The information was accurate, concise and just what I needed reminding of. Excellent!
  43. I am dead impressed with your practice website and have found it an invaluable resource for the whole practice at getting sorted for training. What has impressed us so much is that you have made all this available (why reinvent good wheels etc)
  44. As everybody says, one way or another, the website is splendiferous, thank you.
  45. I stumbled upon your website while looking for group games for my son's work as a camp counselor. As a family physician interested in teaching behavioral issues, I am very appreciative of your full site and work. Thanks.
  46. The links on your website plus your information summaries on various aspects of the NSF guidelines have been extremely helpful. To have all that I need in one place has saved me an awful lot of search time on the web. Thank you!
  47. Hello. I was doing a search on Google to look at clinical protocols and your site came up. It is really excellent. I shall look at some of the stuff on there, but it will be helpful as I do undergraduate teaching, am a GP Trainer and Course Organiser. You've clearly done a lot of work! Awesome.
  48. I am a health care manager in the home care sector in Canada. I was doing some research on geriatrics and primary when I came across your site. Well done and an entirely laudable effort. It is wonderful to visit a site where the training and quality information is so readily accessible. Thank you for sharing internationally through your web site keep up the good work!
  49. Your site is an excellent resource; you have obviously put a lot of hard work into it , congratulations on delivering such an excellent well presented and informative site both in terms of your General Practice and for medical Education.
  50. Thanks for the education part of your site which we access and promote mercilessly to our learners.
  51. I remain very grateful for your permissions, and as ever hugely impressed by your website.
  52. As it's almost new GPR time, I'm doing the usual and mercilessly utilising some of the training tools for my new GPR (we're too wee to have these facilities in the N of Scotland deanery). The new layout is even better than last years so congratulations to all- I hope it helps to know that tutors and learners use the site heavily and gain great benefit from it.
  53. Great site. I've been cribbing some of your Health and Safety stuff for our own practice policy and my FBA submission (some would call it research!)
  54. I was searching on google and found your site. Just wanted to say what a brilliant educational resource it is. I am currently studying for MRCGP and had searched for 'catalytic theory and Heron' on google when your site came up. Just to say thanks.
  55. Hi, I am a Practice Manager in a 4 partner practice in Stanmore, Middlesex. I happened upon your website quite by chance this evening whilst was surfing the web at home for clinical protocols/guidelines to improve our current 'stock' prior to QOF visit in two weeks time!! I am in awe - what a great site - so full of information. It has inspired me so much. Thanks to you and all contributors to your site.
  56. I have been using your web site since i had interest in general practice. I like the new format of fonts and presentation. It is very helpful to prepare for exams as well. Please keep up the good work.
  57. There is evident a lot of thought and hard work that has gone
    into the site and it is very useful for GP training. (As I am currently
    finding out).
  58. I liked the website and will use it for delivering AHP training.
  59. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, on behalf of myself and my students, for your page ( . A couple of students in my Self Development class landed on it while doing their individual project research and found some of your resources extremely helpful!
  60. One of my GP friend informed me about your site as he uses it regularly. Your site gave me some ideas when I designed my website. I am amazed at your history of setting up a website from windows 3.1 era. Well done Brad.
  61. I used to look on your Well Close Square website when we first applied for GP Training status and I thought you were a superstar then - glad to see you have maintained your energy drive and enthusiasm through the years.


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