Memorable Medicine is a free medical revision and social networking site with a forum area specifically for GP trainees.

CommunicAiT.co.uk is a GP and AiT educational resource. This site includes a toolbar (http://www.communicait.ourtoolbar.com) which anyone can download but is intended for GP trainees having useful quick links.

Educating Medics

MRCGP app for smartphones


Two essential books to get

  • The Condensed Curriculum Guide - the official and essential companion to the new RCGP Curriculum for Specialty Training for General Practice, written by Steve Field and two recently trained GPs Ben Riley and Jane Haynes
    Purchase form RCGP website
  • The Naked Consultation by Moulton  is a practical and readable vade mecum for the would-be skilled consulter.
    Purchase form RCGP website


A journal for GPRs

This journal has up-to-date learning information for GPRs. Click the image and get it!