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Synergy: general use



Miquest query set of Read codes

NSF Read codes



Synergy system use


Synergy keyboard shortcuts

Short cut Action
A Administration
B Background
C Current
D Dormant
E Encounter
F Family history
I Items of service
J Journal
L Laboratory
M Medication
P Prescriptions
R Reminders
S Summary
T Tests
V Sensitivity
W Word processing
Ctrl-W View attachment
X X-rays
Z Zoom in
Short cut Action
F1 Help
F2 Menu (Unix only)
F3 Find patient
F4 Add note
F4 F4 Prescribe
F5 Reauthorise medication
F6 Issue medication
F7 Edit
F8 Sophie
F9 Answer reminder
F10 Toggle registration details
F11 Registration
F12 Add reminder
TAB Move to next field
ESC Cancel

Synergy dose codes

Workstation setup

The default software to use at a practice would be:

Clinical data Synergy 
Word processing Word XP
Internal email Exchange / Outlook
Intranet IE6

You are responsible for the functioning of your workstation. If you are not sure, please ask before attempting something which you do not completely understand.

Programs and data files

Installed programs and data should be located in the following folders:

Program files C:\program files\
General data Intranet, G: and H: drives
Network-available data G: and H: drives

All personal and practice data should be kept on the G: and H: drives in the appropriate folder, as these drives reside on the NT server and are backed up regularly.

Machine names

Workstation site Workstation name
ACB consulting room acb
BNC consulting room bnc
JMW consulting room jmw
RMW consulting room rmw
BCS consulting room bcs
GP registrar consulting room gpreg
Treatment room nurse
Common room common
Secretaries - Dot dot
Secretaries - Anne anne