If I were .... , I would feel ....
What I want to do, rather than what I think I ought to do.
Critical parent J - work ethic, but if P feels guilty.
Natural child P - work first, play later (J) vs play first, work later (P).

F dominant
N auxiliary
S tertiary )
T inferior ) opposites

     perceiving       judgement

I  (    N               T      )   J

E    What you see is what you get
I    What you see is what you don't get

  1. Look at J/P
    • If P then perceiving
    • If J then judgement
  2. What you see is what you don't get, so F is dominant.
  3. ESTJ are opposites, so are a reflection of inappropriate response to stress (T).

In the introvert, you see the ideas (F), not the values (N) ie: should see the auxiliary function more.

Problem solving

time taken in minutes with:

Types in groups - the team profile

Tend to match in 2 or 3 of the four types. Tend to pick the people you most relate to in type. Adding up the types makes team profile.

2:1 Introverts needed to overcome extrovert behaviour.


We become type mature - develop left hand as we get older. P's working at J all day need to unwind and be left alone for a bit.

Pair   external behaviour       core values

SJ     obligation               duty

SP     action                   freedom

NT     innovation               competence

NF     affiliation              personal growth