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Torex Synergy dosage codes

These shortcuts can be used in the medication dosage box

First character Meaning   Second character Meaning
1 Take one   1 Daily
2 Take two   2 Twice daily
3 Take three   3 3 times/day
4 Take four   4 4 times/day
5 Take five   5 5 times/day
6 Take six   6 Every 4 hours
7 Take seven   7 Every 3 hours
8 Take eight   8 Every 2 hours
9 Take two stat   9 Hourly
a Apply   a Then 1 daily
b 1.25 ml dose   b Before breakfast
c Chew   c Every 72 hours
d One drop   d As directed
e Two drops   e Every 8 hours
f 15 ml   f Night and morning
g Inhale 1 dose   g  
h Half tablet   h Every 4-6 hours
i Insert one   i  
j Insert two   j  
k Suck   k  
l 2.5ml   l  
m 1ml   m Morning
n Inhale 2 doses   n Night
o Insert one dose   o Once daily
p One puff   p When needed
q Two puffs   q Day 12-26 cycle
r One 7g heaped teaspoon   r  
s One 5ml spoon   s Every 6 hours
t Two 5ml spoon   t Every 12 hours
u Use   u  
v Dissolve   v Twice weekly
w Use 1 blister   w Weekly
x Inject one   x  
y     y  
z Decreasing dosage   z Early evening
\ Take 1 or 2   \ Morn, 1night
/     / Morn, 2 night
A 0.6ml      
B Take 3 or 4      
C Take 5ml      
D Take 4 to 6      
E Take 2 to 4      
F 15g      
G Half-one sach      
H Insert 3-4      
J 1-3 tablets      
S 5-10ml      
T 20ml      

Dose Codes

When entering dosage codes, the following shortcuts will produce the associated directions on a prescription; all drugs usually have an automatic default dosage which, in most cases, will be what is required. However all dosage instructions can be changed using the following two-digit alphanumerics.

For example

24 = Take two, 4 times/day
uw = use weekly