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Synergy downloads

Zip file of all sample Synergy Sophies @ 31/4/06 (2.1MB) - including the diabetes Sophie and form Sophies. Please note that these Sophies use 5-byte Read codes and most can only be used in Torex Synergy.

Some of these Sophies are very complex and therefore are difficult to completely check for errors. Please ensure that the Sophies operate as you wish. No responsibility can be taken by the author for errors occurring by the use of these Sophies - they are placed in the public domain for "information only".

Zip file of version 1.1.8 of the Graphical Sophie Editor for Synergy (this version can create form Sophies - form Sophies will not work with System 6000). This version of Winsoped has a bug which corrupts date questions on import. It also seems much more likely to find spurious validity check errors (making it impossible for you to export Sophies sometimes). I have not had these problems myself (yet) though!

To use this program on a standalone machine:

On a standalone machine, the Read code picker will not be available.

Moving to Synergy PowerPoint presentation (zipped 322K)

  sample templates for Synergy @ 4/4/05 (136K)

  Macros for Synergy using Macro Express 3 @ 22/4/05 (20K)

Other downloads